Hima Mesopotamia

حماية بلاد الرافدين

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Hima Mesopotamia "Protecting the Land Between Two Rivers"


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About Us

Hima Mesopotamia is an international multi-cultural non-governmental organization dedicated to the people and animals of the Mesopotamian Marshes through the promotion of responsible stewardship of the Tigris –Euphrates watershed.


Our Vision: the restoration and maintenance of the ecology and cultural heritage of the Tigris Euphrates watershed.


Our Mission: to secure the eco-cultural heritage of the Tigris-Euphrates watershed through 1) the synthesis of scientific information and traditional knowledge, 2) outreach to policy makers and the international community, 3) equitable riparian water rights allocation, and 4) the implementation of sustainable land and water management practices from the headwaters to the Gulf.



What is Hima?

Hima: is one of the world’s oldest stewardship and conservations systems. Dating back to ancient times, hima originally referred to private lands used for hunting and grazing. However, the Prophet Muhammad redefined hima as a protected area of public land; all community members were held responsible for the land and reaped its benefits. The shared benefits from the health and productivity of the land fostered a sense of stewardship among the people giving them a reason not to overuse or deplete resources. The hima system is integral to both the Judaic and Muslim worlds.



Hima Mesopotamia Brochures

Available in English and Arabic


Hima Mesopotamia Fundraiser

Hima Logo


Join us for Our Banquet and Fundraiser: “Let the Rivers Flow”

Saturday April 20th 6:00 pm, in the Redwood Room, Union, CSU Sacramento

Tickets: Adults $20, Students $15, Children under 10 free

Treat yourself to an evening of world music by Sambandha, a Middle Eastern Banquet, and learn about “International Water Law Issues and Regulation: The Tigris-Euphrates Basin” by Keynote Speaker Dr. Maria Milanes-Mucia and “Listening Deeply to Other Voices: al hima community based conservation in the Tigris Euphrates Watershed” by Dr. Michelle Stevens.

All proceeds fund development of workshops on wetland conservation and sustainable development in the Mesopotamian Marshes.

Give a gift to yourself, and you give a gift to others. Please give powerfully!

Ticket reservations email Michelle at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

FMI call 916-230-4639




October 2012 Eco Summit Symposium

By Dr. Michelle Stevens

Download this file (Symposium 18.pdf)Symposium 18.pdf[ ]483 Kb
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